The sky is the limit in North Chennai!

Infrastructure development such as metro lines and Metrowater work is happening at a good pace. This has prompted many builders to start projects in North Chennai.

Witness a Transformative Shift in North Chennai’s Skyline! In the upcoming half-decade, prepare to be amazed as no less than eight magnificent highrises, spanning from eight to an impressive 35 floors, grace the landscapes of Perambur, Sembium, Madhuravoyal, Korattur, Aynavaram, Madhavaram, and Surapet. An exciting revelation awaits – each of these soaring structures will be meticulously designed residential complexes.

These remarkable developments stand tall among the elite group of 18 highrises endorsed by the esteemed Multi-Storeyed Building Panel of the CMDA, paving the way for government approval. With an ambitious ₹1,000 crore North Chennai development initiative spearheaded by the government, a wave of optimism envelops CMDA officials and visionary builders, envisioning a surge of iconic skyscrapers gracing this burgeoning locality.

Gone are the days when highrises above 18.3 meters (equivalent to 10 floors) were a southern Chennai phenomenon, predominantly centered in Tambaram and OMR. A novel narrative has emerged as North Chennai takes center stage, drawing attention for its compelling attributes. The catalysts? Enhanced connectivity courtesy of the metro expansion, the allure of untapped land parcels, and a nascent real estate market poised for discovery. However, the discerning residents earnestly seek infrastructure upgrades that can keep pace with this exhilarating transformation.

Sanjay Chugh, city head and director, Anarock Property Consultants, said the interest in north Chennai was the Sanjay Chugh, the adept City Head and Director of Anarock Property Consultants, underscores the burgeoning allure of North Chennai, attributed to the expanding metro rail network. The burgeoning projects in Perambur and Madhavaram signal a harmonious linkage between the northern and southern realms of the city, prompting a surge in property acquisitions within this promising locale.

Yet another factor kindling this evolution is the availability of untapped land parcels, breathing life into the core city’s construction scene. As K K Thirumalai, President of the Flat Promoters Association in Ambattur and Avadi, eloquently puts it, the northern regions offer not only cost-efficient per-square-foot rates but also seamless commutes to the city center courtesy of the metro’s strategic expansion.

Suman Voora, a distinguished executive committee member of CREDAI Chennai, shares the resounding success of his firm’s 24-storeyed beachfront marvel near the toll gate, shedding light on the promising prospects that await along North Chennai’s picturesque coastline.

Nonetheless, amidst the buzz of growth and progress, local residents express valid concerns about the community’s capacity to accommodate this swift evolution. Raghukumar Choodamani, the proactive convener of the Perambur Neighbourhood Development Forum, echoes the sentiment of many, emphasizing the imperative of sustainable development, robust infrastructure, and strategic planning to ensure a harmonious coexistence between growth and comfort.

As North Chennai blossoms into a real estate haven, visionary builders have seized the moment, capitalizing on the location’s potential. A notable example emerges in Tondiarpet near the toll gate, serving as a harbinger of the bustling development that lies ahead. What fuels this phenomenon? A potent blend of connectivity enhancements, expansive land opportunities, cost-effectiveness per square foot, and the government’s resolute commitment to North Chennai’s prosperity.

Evidently, the landscape is abuzz with action, with a substantial 13 projects registered this year alone, two of which proudly stand as remarkable highrise achievements. In the words of S Sivagurunathan, President of CREDAI Chennai, “North Chennai’s growth narrative is evolving rapidly, setting the stage for an exceptional real estate renaissance.” Prepare to witness the ascent of North Chennai as it embraces an era of visionary growth and limitless possibilities.


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